Sunday, May 29, 2011

~ Tearing It Up ~ House Project:


So far we are on schedule….the house is empty and the interior reno has started. I was more than a little busy so I only snapped a few pics.  I have spent the last 2 full days over there.  Cleaning, dusting and bossing people around….I liked it.  =)

Master bedroom

The light fixtures are giving me issues in here.  Originally this was 2 rooms.  It will stay this way but I think it’s strange with a ceiling fan on one side and a regular fixture on the other.  I also think 2 c/fans would be weird.  I have an idea but I really would like YOUR opinion. 

So, please, please leave me a comment


New doors are being installed


My Mister had fun ripping out shower walls~


Our master carpenter friend….is having fun too.  He is the one who built our fireplace and our deck ( years ago ). I call him Rob the Builder ( due to his first name…original, I know…lol. )


The kitchen is being re-worked…so everything had to removed on this side.


The ceramic tile & new toilets are being installed in the bathrooms, today.  WOOT! 

Here is a peak at the new tile. New on the right…original tile on left…..

Quite a difference.


It will look amazing in here. The tile be set @ a 45…not the way I laid them in this picture.

Small bathroom = big style! I can’t wait!


I also am trying my hand at hanging wallpaper.  { cell phone pic } I know it isn’t even on top….it will be…and it will have new chair rail on top….if I ever get finished with it….

This is the breakfast room.

2011-05-28 14.11.12

I have never done it before….and just so you know….wallpaper glue likes pony tails.  =)

Have a wonderful Memorial day!

Stay tuned…. Jessica


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onlymehere said...

I can't imagine you ever being bossy! You're just a great leader, lol! I need to redo our bathroom. Long story, but before we sell it needs new flooring, toilet, and shower. Sometimes my husband isn't such a handyman. I want to sell next year so I can fix my knee but so far the economy is saying no. We'll see what happens after Trav's home! Your reno is looking good and I can see you've done tons of work. Maybe the secret to making a pony stay is wall paper glue!