Tuesday, May 19, 2009

~ A Trail of Unfinished Projects ~

Hi friends~

Last week I had planned a small bloggy break....but I couldn't stay away. :) My plan was to tackle some unfinished projects....that didn't happen. I'm so not a procrastinator {normally} but...

Remember the arch in the left corner that I wanted to paint?

After deciding what color I wanted, I went over there and found the morning glories coming up....then I got chased away by TEXAS sized mosquito's.

So that isn't done.

Then I wanted to do some kind of window treatment in the living room. I'm so sick of the vertical blinds which are open when we are here but we close them at night for privacy. So I need something functional ( open/close ) and something pretty.
So, that isn't done.

Then if you'll remember I did a post { months ago } about our kitchen table. I had just purchased the rug and thought I wanted to go with a more classic style for the breakfast room....now I don't like the rug { it's not really the colors I wanted; or style }....of course. :) So now I added some light blue paper to the back of the hutch because I'm CRAVING some COLOR....I'm so beige & cream all the time. Plus we have the very colorful embroidery piece hanging in here. So now I want to get a new colorful planter for the plant on the table.....change the green emblem on top to blue and paint the table something else entirely. Oh and nix the rug...grrrrr.

I like the blue paper....{ it's not all the way sealed because I am still testing how I feel about it. }

If you want to see the embroidery piece click this link to my previous post...it has really pretty colors~


So, that isn't done.

Really all I want to do is stay out here....can you blame me?

I did however manage to get a picture of Mister's Pappaw during his Navy days~


The desk is cluttered....I know. I'm out of wall space, shelf space and I have way too much stuff. I will arrange this where it looks better.....maybe....
So, it isn't done.
Am I the only one that has blogged for ideas but still has unfinished projects? Am I going to be banned from the land of blog? :)

Have a beautiful day!

♥ J

P.S. I had to work late last night....so I'll be by for a visit this evening. :) I really will, I promise.

P.S.S. I did clean out my closet....does that count? LOL.


Betty said...

I think everyone has unfinished projects! Cleaning out your closet? of course that counts.
Now I am off to spend some time in my yard! lol
Have a great day.


sue said...

Jessica dear, we all have unfinished projects, do you think we have even more projects because of blogging? Ya know, so we have something to take pictures of! LOL! I believe so! What color will you be doing the lattice? I like the blue paper in the hutch, and I like the rug too. I want to throw my beige LR carpet out the front door, put the wool rug from the DR in the LR, get another small one to match to fill up the room, then get a new rug for the DR! Butch hasn't agreed but I'm workin on it!
Enjoy your beautiful yard! xo

onlymehere said...

I'd be too embarrassed to admit how many projects are unfinished! There just doesn't seem to be enough time or money and something is always getting in the way. On a good note I do have Jill's quilt done and have been using the scraps to make little extras like hot pads, etc. We have so much to do before the wedding to make things presentable to company. Oh well, this is how my life seems to be! At least you got a closet cleaned out. Yesterday my goal was to get all the windows done on two floors of the house. I only got the upstairs done. I had forgotten how long totally cleaning the windows outside and inside takes when you have to clean the blinds too and clean the tracks out. Today I hope to get another floor done after work. I really like looking through sparkly clean windows! Hopes are high but we'll see how it really turns out, LOL! Cindy

Lindsay-ann said...

I know just how you feel with your unfinished projects. I have several myself! Your home is beautiful, do not worry about getting everything finished. I love your hutch with the blue paper at the back. I love blue and white together.
Your garden looks very inviting.
Good luck with your projects.

Shelia said...

Oh, dear Jessica! Don't be too hard on yourself! If you could see my to do list! I always have so many things going on in my tiny head that I want to do, but I always seem to talk myself right out of them.
I like the blue in the back of your hutch! Your yard is just gorgeous! Now go have a milk shake and you'll feel better! LOL
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Tootsie said...

we have those huge mosquitoes here this year too!!! ick!
I am the queen of the unfinished right now...don't worry...you'll do it soon enough
I hope you will share with us and join my fertilizer friday post again this week! I love your gardens....Oh...where did you put your birdbath? is it still in one piece?

onlymehere said...

I got the main level done except for over the sink yesterday. I had to catch up on all my dishes to get to the window and by then I was to tired to even think about it and Savannah came over to be tended and she's much more fun than cleaning windows!! I'll get back to them Friday as I get off work at 9:00 a.m. on Fridays and have all afternoon to do it. They have been a HUGE project but I do this every spring. I just love looking out of sparkly clean windows. I use a concoction with Jet Dry so they don't spot when it rains and they usually look good until fall when I just Windex them for the winter. I clean them off with window cleaner in between but do the huge clean each spring. Do you have fun plans for Memorial Day? I'm driving out to see Mom and Dad's graves, along with my little sister and brother's grave to decorate them and then to Larry's relatives graves that are closer in proximity to us. My family's graves are about 45 minutes away. I actually have Memorial Day itself off bz I now have Mondays off. This never happens so I'm excited to have a day with my kids and Larry. We're going to grill some food and sit back and relax! Nicholas moves out next weekend so we may spend the time helping him pack too, who knows. Take care friend and I'll talk to you soon!! Cindy

Nancy said...

Jessica, You sound like me...I just have to be in the mood to do some projects! I have about 3 projects I keep saying I am going to do...and I even have every thing to do them...just not in the mood ;)

I can see why you want to be out side all the time...I would to! Your flowers are so beautiful!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


nikkicrumpet said...

Ugh...I have so many half finished projects it's making me crazy! I keep putting them off so I can try to sneak in a little blogging in between working and yard work...I need more hours in a day!