Wednesday, September 8, 2010

~ Changes ~

Things around The Cozy Kettle have been a little chaotic lately.
See my Dad in the picture below....he's looking out at Mammaw ( & Poppaw's ) pond.... He has been diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer and just had a tace chemo treatment last Wednesday. We have been told that will be the only 'liver' chemo he receives unless...additional tumors form. ( he has 7....3 large 4 small ) Basically they have said there is no cure...just trying to slow the down the growths.
That has been the most devastating news. I am not going to rant & rave because I've already done that.

After much crying ( & screaming (= me ) We have put up a united front.....and faced the music, so to speak. My dad has been so brave. He is 55 and they have not given us good news. But we have our faith.....and we are going to FIGHT!

I love this dad & my genius'.
They look like 2 peas in a pod don't they?

Also, we've decided not to move. Too much going on and we ( I ) just felt too overwelmed. Honestly, I should be horrified showing these photos of our house....but since we were MORE than half packed to move.....this is what it has become. Some of our decorative accesories were unpacked and put on the dining room table.... ( ignore that wall grouping....I was just playing w/my $1.oo yard sale was a brass color ) It's time to get this place organized and back together.

Things have been moved around....wall decor has changed....and the garage ( no, I'm not showing pics of that ;) is FULL...uggggg. The blue bedroom ( our master ) is also in the middle of a much needed overhaul. So many things are going on all at once. Nothing like a good project or ten ( ha! ) to keep your mind busy right?
Are we crazy? Yes. :)

In the midst of all the chaos....Cooper managed to find a place to rest. ;)

Many of the 'several' projects we've started in our home, we have wanted to do for a very long time. Why not finish ( can you ever be finished ? lol! ) what we started here in our little place...... The Cozy Kettle. We love this place!! We are super excited about this project inparticular.....any guesses as to what it will be?

Have a beautiful day~



Shelia said...

Hi Jessica! I was thinking of you yesterday afternoon and now I believe the Lord was wanting me to pray for you!
I'm so sorry to hear this about your dad! Your family will be in my prayers.
Maybe it's a good thing you're staying put in your home. It is so pretty!
Love you, Dear One,
Shelia ;)

Becca's Dirt said...

Jessica I am so sorry to hear about your father. I will be praying for your family. I don't blame you for changing those plans to move. Don't put too much on your plate sweetie. Take things a little slower.

onlymehere said...

Are you putting in a fireplace and this is the start of the new mantle?! Other than that I have no clues. I just can't believe your dad is so young. I've been keeping him in my prayers and your little family too. I think of you often and these last days with the Genius under your roof. I'm such a boob at letting my kids grow up. Kaje' and her new boyfriend are gone most of the time (he works three jobs and goes to college) and she's in school now so I don't even seen Kaje' too much. Jake comes over when he can but since he lives a ways away they usually just meet in the middle for their dates. Travis is just a day short of being out nine months now and I can hardly believe it. Miss him terribly but wouldn't keep him home missing out on this opportunity for anything in the know what I mean? I'm so glad you posted and emailed. I've missed you so much!
P.S. Looks like you're too busy to come and help me catch up on dishes but I'd be there in a heartbeat to do the laundry if you asked :) (oh and had a plane ticket for me, I hate being broke,lol!)

onlymehere said...

Oh Jessica, I'd love that! Do you think your Mister would miss you terribly? Hee hee! You're the best!

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Hi Jessica, I felt compelled to stop by for a visit today. I'm so sorry to hear about your daddy. Many thoughts and prayers for you and your family during this time.. hugs and hugs ~lynne~

Queenie said...

Oh Jessica, I am so sorry about the news. I'll be praying for your daddy and your family. God knows all things and he is watchful of all of the things that concern you. Keep your faith and stand strong...keep standing on the promises of God. He is with you and will never leave you nor forsake you. God bless you friend...I'm only an email away if you need to talk okay?
Big hugs,

Erin said...

I hope your dad is recovering from the chemo and that it shrank the tumors.