Monday, September 20, 2010

~ Getting It Back Together ~

After two weeks of construction and unpacking....I'm finally having some fun! Going through the boxes and redecorating. Breathing new life into our little home. { We really love this place....12 years here, together.... it is home. }
Before our new floors were installed. I painted our master bedroom. The carpet and pad were already removed so I painted a little something on the concrete. :)
I smile when I think of this....

You might remember the 'jelly cabinet' I found for $5.~ here it is freshly painted & in our bathroom. Note: The bathroom is our next project. :)

It's been fun changing things up a bit....

I've also been working in the breakfast room since we found our dining set ( purchased specifically for the new house. )
We wanted to make it work here since we sold our hutch & breakfast table.

I think we did it. :)

Mister and I worked hard this weekend....

But, we found time to sit together on our patio and watch the rain....

Hope you had a great weekend, too!
~ J ~

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onlymehere said...

Great post and what a fabulous use of the jelly cabinet! When we redid Kaje's room three years ago when I ripped out the carpet coving it had written on the back "I love my girls" and the date! It was fun to find bz I'd forgotten I did it. When we put the new baseboards down I wrote on the back that I loved my Kellianne and dated it! I don't know if we'll be here when it's ripped off but it will be fun for someone I hope! I love your idea though, so simple and to the point! Whoever sees that will know that someone was in love! Great job on the redo, it's getting me motivated for what I want to do in just over a year and then hopefully selling our house soon after! I want to move soooo bad. I hate these stairs, lol!