Tuesday, December 7, 2010

~ Pearly Pinecones & A Free Find~

I just love decorating for the holidays......& since most of my Christmas decor is still in the attic ( Mister only took 3 boxes down so far....lol. ) I've had to be a little creative to get the party started . ")
I saw some very large pine cones at Michaels for $4.00. I didn't buy them. I do have access to 3 pine trees in our front yard....however, I was smitten with the larger cones. I then went by the garden center and they had these sugar cones for $1.99. YAY!
So, I brought them home and dresse them up a bit~
I used little white pearls, snowy glitter and a teeny tiny wreath on top. I used things I had on hand....a milk glass container and a candle holder.

This one found a nice spot on the bathroom vanity. It sure adds a little sparkle!

During lunch yesterday I stopped by my favorite Home Depot store and I saw them throwing tree remnants away......in my trunk the pile went. I also grabbed part of a tree stump. :) Can you believe they just throw it away? I told them I would be back for more.

I have big plans for this.

Have a wonderful day~


onlymehere said...

I know that whatever you do with this it'll be beautiful!

Becca's Dirt said...

Looking very festive. Great idea to dress up the pinecones.

Queenie said...

Everything looks so pretty and festive J! Love that pinecone idea...you know I love anything with pearls or lace :) Girl, I think I can smell your tree from here...hope that you and your sweet family have a very Merry Christmas :)
Big Hugs,
P.S. Thank you for visiting my farewell post...you know I'll never forget you sweetie!

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

You found sugar cones for 1.99??? girl I could use a whole truck load up this way. What a treasure. hugs ~lynne~

onlymehere said...

I came back bz I didn't think I'd seen this post...silly me! I even commented, lol! That's how crazy I am right now. Have a great day!

onlymehere said...

Did I tell you that Trav's surgery went well? I can't remember who I told! I was surprised to see that I didn't post it on my blog but since I posted it on his I guess I thought I posted it on mine, lol! He's kept me hopping blogging his updates on his. It's been busy, but oh so very wonderful. Will the Genius be done with basic and able to come home for the holidays? She's a brave soul and I admire her so much.