Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Genius.

She came home! We have had her for six glorious day ~ { the fastest days of my our life. }

We are truly thankful for this time with her.




She is leaving tonight to go to her duty station over seas….for a very long time.

We wish you the best baby girl. Stay strong. We will miss you like crazy.

We are more proud of you~ everyday.

We love you~

Mommy & Daddy

p.s. I will share more of her visit soon, I think I took 1,000 pictures =)


onlymehere said...

We're proud of her to and will keep her in our daily prayers. This is going to be such a bittersweet day for you. I look forward to seeing those pictures too. You both look so beautiful in these. Oh, so the Mister doesn't feel left out, he's looking good too!

Darla said...

First of all, Thank her for what she does please. I pray a hedge of protection around her.......may God bless her and keep her safe.