Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A little note ~


Hi friends…I hope everyone had a nice Mothers day~  We enjoyed our day very much and I received a sweet note from my baby.  First ( of many I’m sure ) Mother’s day without her. sigh.

In other news we have been able to talk and see the genius and her boyfriend via Skype, quite often….this was the first time Mister met “him”…..lol. 

I <3 it because it doesn’t feel like she is so far away.


She recently moved to her new duty station in Suwon, Korea.  She has her own room now and will be able to decorate it however she wants….that will be fun for her.  =)

In other news Bear graduated Air Force boot camp, last Friday.  We have been able to text back & forth since then and he will have leave at the end of July. YAY! He is now in Mississippi for training. I received this pic of him via text….can you believe our babies are all grown up? 

double sigh.


Have a beautiful day~



onlymehere said...

She really is grown up. I think it's wonderful that you keep in touch with Bear. Technology is so wonderful in that you get to meet her boyfriend too. I know you had a happy Mother's Day and you certainly deserved it. Keep smiling! Love the picture of you taking a picture!

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Where has the time gone to? She has turned into an incredible young woman, one you can be very proud of. Congrats to the Bear ..lol hugs ~lynne~

Darla said...

Now this is how modern technology should be used! She looks good and congrats to Bear. clever way for your hubby to meet the boyfriend :)

Darla said...

Jessica, seeds like larkspur, poppy, foxglove and the such need to be planted in the winter...you probably know this though. If you need any help just let me know..