Wednesday, May 11, 2011

~ Things in the Garden & a Project ~



Howdy from your friend in very HOT Texas =)

Last week I planted delphiniums….I love them. 


We also have a few miniature butterfly bushes ( max height 3 ft. )  that are starting to fill in.

I love them, too.


The prettiest yellow rose made an appearance this past week~


Some of you may remember me telling y’all about a upcoming project.  Well, we are starting.


We are the investors/contractors on this property.


Let the FUN begin! We have BIG plans.  The new fence is already being installed and ALL the fascia and soffit are being replaced, today.  Exterior paint begins Friday.  That means I have to pick exterior paint colors and roof shingle colors TODAY. Any ideas??? The shutters are also being replaced and 2 will be added on the window closest to the front door.  This property needs a lot of work to get ready to sell….I hope you will join me….as we will be very busy over the next 4-6 weeks getting it ready.  I will take you with me.  every. step. of. the. way. 

Are you excited?  I am!!

Have a beautiful day~



onlymehere said...

Stupid blogger hasn't let me in for awhile to leave a comment! This is so exciting! I absolutely love houses and how they can be made so cute. Jill's grandma passed away and her family is selling the house. Oh, how I wish I could be it as a rental property and have it updated. It's a cute little place and in the perfect location for university students so it would be easy to keep rented. It's just a few houses away from Larry's parents. I looked at pictures of it this morning and am drooling over what could be. Brianna could live there rent-free until Brandon graduated! Sigh....I'm going to be anxiously watching what you do.

The flowers are lovely too! We're finally warming up but still have flood warnings. We're fine but some of our friends have to worry about it every day until the rivers recede in a month or so.

Have a great day and keep us well informed about this project!

onlymehere said...

Make that "buy it as a rental property!"

onlymehere said...

I know you're awfully busy right now but I just wanted to stop in and say, HI! Take care and enjoy those renovations and making this house a home.