Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dining Set Before & After


In order to stage the house we just renovated I needed a few things….like a dining room set.  I had a vision. 

I found the chairs @ Goodwill for $39.99 for all 4.  Yippee!

chairs before

This table was left behind months ago….and I claimed it immediately.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  It has a leaf too. 

dining table before

I decided they would go together nicely for the dining room @ the house.   I painted the chairs….then recovered them with painters drop cloth.  Sorry…super bad cell phone pic. The point is….I painted them and recovered the chairs @ my office…lol.  Nothing like a little multi-tasking.  =)  Total spent. A few hours and about $52 bucks.

chairs during

After:  Staged in the house.



My hope this house will sell FAST. Then I can distress the chairs….stain the table and bring them home w/me!  Last year I found our very overly large too big for our breakfast room table for $200.  Its beautiful……but we were going to moving to a larger home then decided not to and well….it’s just too big.  Although, I love the chairs….sigh.

old picture….not what our space looks like now…I was just playing that day. =)


This mirror now hangs in the breakfast room.  I believe this other table will fit much nicer in here, don’t you? UGGGG….I’m getting the itch to paint this room again…..help!!!


Have a beautiful day~  J.


onlymehere said...

Is there anything you can't do?! Love it.

Lindsay-ann said...

The chairs look fabulous Jessica. Hope you get a quick sale. I am sure you will :)

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

I love what you've done to the chairs. I've got to invest in drop cloth, I see so many uses for it. Like you darling I invested in 6 chairs for our dining room a while back, that room is never used now. Would love to sell the chairs and make it into a den instead, best layed plans of mice and men..
hugs ~lynne~

onlymehere said...

I've missed you too! It's been so busy lately around here but not nearly as busy as you with your renovations! I have a table by my front door that I want to paint and you know how I looooooooooooooooove to paint (can you just feel the sarcasm there?!). I'm going to Lowe's and hopefully finding out how all you ladies make things so beautiful with paint. When I paint furniture, even with good priming, it tends to chip and peel off so I usually just stain and polyurethane it. I think I'll try spray paint this time. Wish me luck!

Betty said...

You have been a very busy lady! The house is looking great.

sabri said...

hey girl...i just love the pics of your young marines..i think i may have a future marine on my hands as well..my son and daughter and i attended a collage fair recently and of course my son passes up all of the collage tables and heads right for the police force table and the army table..he leaves the table with a bag full of army stuff..sometimes i look at him and see the strong deciplined boy i have raised and i can soo see the well uniformed dicipline in him..we raise them strong right...i know it hurts me to think of the outcome but then again..i raised a well uniformed kid in todays society..and so did you my friend ..congradulations on such a well rounded baby girl you raised...love ya!!! and always miss ya!!!