Wednesday, April 20, 2011

~ Rollercoaster Week~

Hi friends,

This past week, since the genius left…has been a roller coaster…..y’all know I don’t like those!

We lost our Gracie Jane……she was struck by a car Thursday morning. She generally didn’t go in the street…..we were { still are } in shock to say the least.

She loved Mister. { this was late movie night~ Mister looks tired.. }


He loved her, too.


Now Sammy is all by himself.


You may remember that we lost our Simon in September.

Gracie is now buried by the roses….a few feet from Simon.


This is as close as Sam gets to outside. Poor baby. Our hearts are just broken.


For the BIG news….my Dad….is officially on the transplant list! YAHOO!!!

We found out Friday~

You can read why here. He has been so brave through all of this~ this is something we were told in the beginning of his cancer battle….was NOT an option.

{ me & my dad Christmas day @ a family members house }


But, he made it to the list. We are truly thankful for this opportunity….and new found hope. I love you, Daddy!

We also hope to share a big project with you~ If all goes well, we will be starting it in the next week or two. I will take you with us every step of the way.

Well, that’s all the news from The Cozy Kettle. See, I told you, a rollercoaster.

Have a beautiful day~

♥ Jessica


Darla said...

I'll say you have had an emotional roller coaster ride! I don't like them either. Your post sounds/reads like you are staying strong though. Don't know how I missed your FF post, I want to live on your porch....:)

Becca's Dirt said...

I'm so sorry you lost your pet. My heart aches for you. My little Buddy is my life - I live alone and we have each other. Great news on your dad. I'm praying for him. Good pic of you and your dad. Hang in there Jessica.

Teresa@oursoutherncountryhomeandfarm said...

I am so sorry about your loss. Our pets are our family members, so I know what it is like to lose one. Oh a happier note, congrats on your dad making the transplant list. Keep us posted.

onlymehere said...

Boy you weren't kidding. I'm sorry about your Gracie bz I know you and Mister loved her so much. At least she's near Simon now and you can always think of her.

Originally I thought your roller coaster comment was bz of emotions over the Genius and her new life changes but I see now what you meant. I'm so excited for you and your dad! What a miracle. I hope your new project goes much smoother than this last week. Big hugs to you my friend!

onlymehere said...

If we could combine your drought and the flooding we're having we both could have perfect weather. It's been a day-by-day thing hoping that my friend's bridge doesn't wash out. Oh well, somewhere, some time there will be a rainbow!